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The company Jota sells new scaffolds. Our products meet the highest quality standards. Our offer specialize in the sale of scaffolding Plettac, Bosta, Baumann, Rubo, Atrad.
We offer scaffolding frame, modular, mobile pre-set and prepared according to customer requirements and design specifics.
The individual elements of scaffolding are made of high quality steel or aluminum, as well as treated wood (landings and onboard boards).
Our products provide their own transportation or specialized transport companies. All elements of the scaffold are guaranteed and certified B, as well as certificates on the European markets.
Many years of experience in the scaffolding allows us to professionally select appropriate scaffold for the specifics of the construction and also construction.

details of our offer can be found on www.jota-rusztowania.pl,
mail: jota@jota-rusztowania.pl
contact us :
+48 883691205   +48 531691205   +48 531691208;   +48 531691203,